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"Die Dood - Offerwaters" (Pro-CD-r)
Afrikaans Black Metal 
Limited to 100 copies

 "Die Dood,a mysterious and shadowy project from the Southern reaches of Africa.
The new album,edition on 4 April 2015 (also on the full moon,as with the previous album),titled Offerwaters (Sacrificial Waters) and  to consist of eight tracks amounting to around eighty minutes of listening time.All music was written,recorded,mixed and mastered by the band member himself,as well as two of the tracks featuring special guest artists.Vocals are performed strictly in Afrikaans and in this instance,almost all in clean voice delivered along pagan-type melodies. 
“All in all,the styles of music that can be expected from this release as influences can be compared between a mixture of bands like "Wardruna","Skyforger","Ulver","Arcana" and,once again,some heavy meditative pieces but with a strong touch of South Africa.” ~ Man van Geheim (writer/composer, Die Dood)
Almost all (About 95%) of the animal and nature-related sounds heard in these songs were actually recorded by the band itself at undisclosed locations within Cape Town’s Table Mountain National Parks nature reserves.What marks this album as truly unique is that there is not believed to have been any other like it locally created,and of course,never globally in the rarely-used language of Afrikaans.A special rendition of the famous Afrikaans poem called "Skoppensboer" written by the late Eugène Marais (1871 – 1936) is also performed in honour of the language and this rather grim Afrikaans poet and naturalist himself."

"Die Dood - Offerwaters"

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