вторник, 9 мая 2017 г.

"Against commie Bastards! Vol.III" (CD)
The first 28 copies include: A4 poster (canvas)/postcard/2 stickers.


"Legion Twierdzy Wrocław"
"Muerte y Calaveras"
"Töretlen Hittel"
"Social Defeat"
"Combate SP"
"Depth of Depletion"

пятница, 17 марта 2017 г.

вторник, 14 марта 2017 г.

"Wintercold - The Final Call/Naturen...Vår Sista Hållplats" (CD digipack)
Atmospheric Pagan Black Metal 
Limited to 100 copies.

"Wintercold - Never Forget the Soldier"

среда, 1 марта 2017 г.

"V/A - Ordo Sanguine Sigillium Compilation" (CD)
Limited to 128 copies

01.Project Wewelsburg - Ceremonial Passages to Agartha by the Seas of Blood
02.Schutzstaffel - Solução Final
03.Schallkanone - Gustav
04.Wolf'sfang - ...The End is Aproaching
05.Tost War - Execratio
06.Ordnung - 18 Hammer of Gods
07.Hyperborean - Tenebris in Veritas Lucet
08.Blooddawn - Gaz all...
09.Der Stürmer - When Totenkopf Rises
10.Malefice - Dans la Salle au Soleil Noir
11.Oculto Odio - Legiões Do Extermínio
12.Xenocide - Xenophobic Warmongers
13.Sol Evil - Misery
14.Tyranath - Times of Darker Days
15.Soldierss of Evil - Reinigen und Zerkleinern...
16.Forest Moon - Elitism March of Pagan Warrior and Diabolic

"Blutfahne - The Circle of Eternal Return" (Tape)
Limited to 88 copies
The first 18 copies include patch and sticker.

среда, 22 февраля 2017 г.

In the ninety ninth anniversary of the "Ice Campaign" Barbatos Productions presents:
"Verv' - In the Darkness" (CD)
Beatdown Hardcore from Russia
Limited to 100 copies


вторник, 21 февраля 2017 г.

"The Woods Of Solitude - Anti Satanic Black Metal" (CD digipack)
Misanthropic/Anti abrahamic Black Metal
Limited to 100 copies

"Anti Satanic Black Metal"

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воскресенье, 1 января 2017 г.