воскресенье, 1 марта 2015 г.

Hammerstorm Vol.IV (Compilation 2015) (CD)
Limmited to 200 copies

01.Werewolf Satan - Aquile Nere (Italy)
02.Phosphore Blanc - Parasite Pogrom (France)
03.Nokturne - Frontheil (USA)
04.Gaskammer - Judocarnage (USA/Bulgaria)
05.Aryan Kampf 88 - Le Drapeau Haut (Belgium)
06.Lightless - Sordid Species (Australia)
07.A Monumental Black Statue - IX Ad Umbram (Italy)
08.Wald - Storm Of Pure Blood (Russia)
09.Svafnirkult - Attack Order (Colombia)
10.Betula - Behold (Ukraine)
11.Wargoatcult - Esbirros De Lo Podrido (Spain)
12.Nothing - About Stones (Russia)
13.Volkmag - Lied Van Die Dood (South Africa)

 Special edition:
CD + poster + set of cards
Only 28 copies!!!