вторник, 23 сентября 2014 г.

Hammerstorm Vol.III (Compilation 2014) (CD)
Limmited to 200 copies

01.Seges Findere - Holohoax,The Fancy Of Morons (Brasil)
02.Black Altar - 666 MegaBeast (Poland)
03.Army Of Helvete - Napalm Over The Golgotha (Italy)
04.Hymnorg - When Their Kingdom Fell (USA)
05.Verdenmord – MCMXL (Slovenia)
06.Witcher - A Kísértetsereg (Hungary)
07.Weißen Nur Einen Tag - Trails Of Dead Bodies (USA)
08.Frost Flame - Anthem Fallen Of Churches (Russia)
09.Arkenstone - Nightly Dreams (Portugal)
10.Avitas - Cursed Abraham... And His Bastard Son Mohammed (Canada)
11.Posslust - Of Hate And Solitude (Cyprus)
12.Xilentium - This Is Where My Life Ends (USA)
13.Aesir - Espíritu Inmortal (Argentina)
14.Oculto Odio - Bestial Visceral Execução (Brazil)
15.Die Dood - Samesmelting (Doodskoor) (South Africa)

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