воскресенье, 22 июня 2014 г.

 Against commie Bastards! Vol.II (Compilation 2014) (CD)
Limited to 200 copies

01.Temnojar - Invasion
02.SturmRise - Anti-antifa (Division Germania cover)
03.Mizantrop - Finnish Winter
04.Kiborg - Anticommunist
05.Code Of Honor - Russian Revenge
06.Skilar Blackwings Project - In Fire Your Books!
07.Gr.Om. - Bronislav Kaminskij
08.Eiszorn - Era Of The Red Plague
09.Volot - Unknown Soldier (Sleipnir cover)
10.Autumn Tales - Volk Ans Gewehr (Russland)
11.Morketsvind - Ragnarok

I ask you:
Do you want total war?
If necessary, do you want a war more total and radical than anything that we can even imagine today?The great crises and upsets of national life show who the true men and women are. We have no right any longer to speak of the weaker sex,for both sexes are displaying the same determination and spiritual strength.The nation is ready for anything.The Fuhrer has commanded, and we will follow him.In this hour of national reflection and contemplation, we believe firmly and unshakably in victory.We see it before us, we need only reach for it.We must resolve to subordinate everything to it.That is the duty of the hour. Let the slogan be:
Now, people rise up and let the storm break loose!