пятница, 10 января 2020 г.

"Gothayr - The Trial for the Black Sun (Chapter of Ariosophic Violence)" (Tape)
Pure Hatefull Germanic Esoteric Occult Industrial Black Metal.
Limited to 88 copies. 

"Gothayr - Ariosophic Lycanthropic Terror of Blood and Thirst (Promo)"

воскресенье, 22 декабря 2019 г.

"Spare Not Thy Sharpest Blades.Tribute To Kaldrad" (CD digipack)
Dedicated to the Russian skald Boris Podsoblyayev (Kaldrad).
25.08.1974 - 27.04.2019
Limited to 666 copies.
First 28 copies in wooden box (CD+Tape)